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Bill Everett

I got married right out of high school and went to work on a ranch in Ward County to pursue the romantic life of a cowboy. As a result of that I got to pull a lot of windmills, fix a lot of fence, built and fixed lots of cow working pens and did a little cow punching.

In 1979 I left the ranch for a Government Trapping job doing control work on depredating species. This included everything from mourning dove eating cantaloupe seeds to mountain lions killing horses. Had the fortune to see a lot of ranch country from Ozona to El Paso and Presidio to Lubbock.

About 1993 I left the Government and performed various jobs in and around the oil field that ranged from Plant work to oilfield construction.  From a young age I was and still am interested in harvesting and conserving rainwater. While in the oilfield, I had the opportunity to perform some of my ideas regarding this and put these into action by harvesting rainwater and stopping its evaporation.

Once the late 1990’s rolled around I went into the construction business doing residential remodeling and new construction. This then converted over to the commercial building business. I then got to where I couldn’t find my hands and I went to welding for about a decade. The next chapter of my life lead me to real estate and I became licensed about 2011. I’m still trying to make this work.

Without my beautiful, understanding, patient, compassionate wife none of this would have happened. I have 2 hard working and very capable sons that have given me 5 of the smartest and best looking grand children in West Texas.

Bill Everett - Real Estate Agent
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