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Paisano Ranch – San Angelo, Texas

10 Bedroom
10 Bath
Status: SOLD!

The Paisano Ranch is one of the finest all-around ranches in the area. It offers some of the best wildlife diversity, commercial hunting opportunities, commercial deer and exotic raising pens, and entertainment venue for corporate hunts and/or retreats, weddings, family reunions, or family get aways. Located just south of San Angelo (15 minutes from town) the ranch sits in Tom Green County, 10 minutes from the San Angelo Regional Airport. Talk about convenience for the landowner, hunting customers, or guests to the 1466 acre ranch. Commercial hunting and entertainment have been a staple for the ranch since 2009. Paved access off Knickerbocker Road and to the main lodge give guests an easy and clean way in and out of the ranch. The Manager’s house stands guard at the entrance of the ranch. Many trophy whitetails and exotics have been taken off the ranch.

Habitat – Located in the northwestern tier of the Texas Hill County and the southern edge of the Rolling Plains, the ranch is comprised of many species of vegetation. Species present include, but are not limited to mesquite, hackberry, juniper, ephedra, acacias, prickly pear, chollas, whitebrush, Texas persimmon, agarita, baccharis, yucca, fragrant ash, sumac, western soapberry, chittamwood, wolfberry and blue thorn.

Topography – The ranch has 150’ of elevation change with some nice hills and valleys that yield some very scenic views. Several locations are great for viewing the San Angelo skyline and the north pool of Twin Buttes Reservoir.

Improvements –
The main lodge is accompanied by several other buildings which include a bunk room, media room, game room, outdoor kitchen, outdoor covered pavilion, indoor pavilion, a swim spa, 4 RV hook ups and an outdoor firepit. The facility features 8 bedrooms, that sleep 24, and 10 bathrooms. The main lodge overlooks a stocked fishing pond and yields a beautiful setting for outdoor weddings. Both the outdoor and indoor pavilions can accommodate a band. Seating of 175+ people is possible for a wedding or gathering. The indoor pavilion has large bathrooms to accommodate these events.

The main lodge features 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a commercial kitchen and seating for 20+. The Media Room has been set up like a theater with multi levels with couches and large recliners positioned in front of the large TV. It also contains 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms of which one is an ADA bathroom with a roll in shower. The Bunk Room contains 2 separate rooms with their own bathrooms. The Game Room has cable TV, a pool table, a pinball machine, card table, gaming console, a bathroom and out in front are a horseshoe pit, a washer pit and darts.

Near the main lodge is a cleaning station with a walk-in cooler, covered horse stalls, a large equipment storage building, a 16 acre irrigatable, high fenced field and a rifle range.

The manager’s house is a 3 bedroom/3 bath house with a carport. Also, a large metal building exists for equipment storage, hay storage and maintenance of equipment.

Hunting is performed by spot and stalk methods or from elevated hunting blinds. The ranch is broken up into 3 pastures and is well watered with 2 earthen tanks and 10 water troughs. These originate from 1 of 3 water wells, one has a submersible pump, one is a windmill and the third is located off the ranch but will be conveyed through an allotment of 70 GPM and an easement. More acreage is available for purchase.

1700 sqft Main Lodge 4 bedroom/4 bath, seating for 20+, 3 ovens, commercial kitchen, 2 refrigerator/freezers and an ice maker
800 sqft Bunk Room, 2 bedroom/2 bath
1800 sqft Media Room with a master suite, guide/bunk room with 3 bathrooms
800 sqft Game Room with pool table and bathroom
1800 sqft covered pavilion
3100 sqft enclosed pavilion with large bathrooms
BBQ Cook Shack
Swim spa
Outdoor fire pit
Storage building that houses wedding props, tables, and chairs
4 – 50 amp RV Hook ups
Equipment Shed with Cleaning Station, walk-in cooler, horse stalls
Carports for parking Rangers or other equipment
25’x80’ Equipment Shed
1800 sqft Manager’s house with 3 bedrooms/2 baths
25’x29’ carport
20’x40’ metal building with 25’ lean toos off each side, one is mostly enclosed for hay storage
12 fawn rearing pens with shelters and equipment shed for fawn rearing equipment
20’x80’ equipment shed
40’x50’ Deer Barn for working pen deer
35 Deer Pens comprising 70 acres
280 yard Rifle Range
Overhead bulk feed bin with 3, 12 ton sections
10 deer blinds
10 corn feeders
10 protein feeders
10 water troughs
2 earthern tanks
2 water wells, 1 with a submersible pump and one windmill
16 acre irrigatable field surrounded by a high fence
4” water line from water well via an easement with 70 gpm available, ask for details

Hand picked white-tailed deer genetics released over many years
Axis Deer
Blackbuck Antelope
Red Lechwe
Grants Gazelle
Fallow Deer

The deer pens are comprised of 38 pens with alleys (all but 1) that lead to the deer handling facility (deer barn). Each deer pen has food, water, and shelter. The deer barn funnels the animals into a series of 7 rooms for sorting. An animal is capable of being pushed into a chute or cradle for hands on needs, de-worming, medicating, vaccinations, antler cut-off, artificial insemination etc. The whitetail herd contains “x” of males and “x” of females that have the codon that make contracting chronic wasting disease a much lower probability. Artificial insemination has been a normal practice each fall for the last 10+ years. Some great genetics are present and continually produce top quality animals for breeding or stocking purposes. Near the manager’s house are fawn rearing pens if bottle raising is needed for the animals in the pens. It has 10 partially covered runs and an equipment shed for storage of necessary supplies.

Pen Reared Animals
~185 whitetails hand picked and bred for many years with many exhibiting the codons for resisting CWD
8 Impala

FAA has a surface use agreement on the property.

More information and pics: https://www.4nranches.com/paisano-ranch

Agent: Derrick Garnett

11948 Knickerbocker Road
San Angelo TX 76904